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Oxford Tamil dictionary at Oxford Tamil celebrations

The Oxford Tamil dictionary was kindly invited to take part in the Oxford Tamil Organisation 5th  anniversary celebrations.

The event, which took place at the Cherwell School Main Hall, in Oxford, was organised by Ms Rajeeswari Subburaj, who is also one of our Tamil Language Champions.

It was a wonderful day celebrating the Tamil culture, full of music, dancing, poetry, and delicious food.

In the words of the event organizers: 'this is our 5th year celebration to bring the Tamil people in Oxford to get united and to create another home to share our love, knowledge and resources between us.'

I was there representing the Oxford Tamil dictionary, which was launched within the Oxford Global Languages initiative from Oxford Dictionaries.  

The event was very well attended by around 200 people from the diaspora communities of Tamilians from Oxford and other parts of the UK.

I even met some Oxford University Press colleagues there, who provided me with nice comments, and useful feedback:

'I am really happy to see the Tamil dictionary launched. I have been working for OUP for the past 7 years and was not aware of this happening! I believe we need more advertising. It would also be good to have an app, and the option to type in English script' (when using the dictionary search function).

Other participants also shared their views and comments:

'It is a great opportunity to see this information shared here today, on 27/10/2018. A really excellent and nice programme'.

'I used to recommend the Oxford dictionary during my teaching career in India.'

As I explained to the lively audience, we have a group of enthusiastic volunteers: our Tamil Language Champion working group. Our Tamil Language Champions are our external advisers,  getting involved with a number of language related activities: from helping us with language question, to producing non-lexical content to the dictionary website, to inviting the Tamil dictionary to have a presence in events like this one.

A number of people showed interest, and if you too are interested in getting involved, get in touch on TamilCommunity@oup.com, and we can have an informal chat about what the Language Champion roles involves.

Thank you Oxford Tamil Organisation for having invited the Tamil dictionary - please invite us again next time, we'll be there!

by Simone Bichara, Oxford Global Languages Community Manager